Specific proposals

General information

Please follow this link where you can find generic requirements and facilities provided by our group.
Also, if you have an interesting idea about multimedia technologies (coding and/or communication, streaming, live), feel free to contact us, in particular Enrico or Antonio to discuss if your idea can be transformed into a thesis project.

Current proposals (not yet assigned)

Older proposals

  • Enriched live multimedia streaming
    (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Low-latency audio communications
    (More information)
  • Real-time multimedia communications from mobile devices to communication centers (in collaboration with companies)
    (More information)
  • Interactive Visualization of the Neubot Dataset
    (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Performance improvement of the HEVC video codec
    (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Implementing and testing perceptual video quality metrics
    (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Thesis: Multimedia algorithms on GPUs
    (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Low-delay 3D Videocommunications
    (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Large-scale performance evaluation of DASH video streaming (More Information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Performance analysis of the HEVC video codec (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Quality of Service (QoS) for video streaming over Wi-Fi networks based on innovative distributed coordination functions (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Real-time analysis of video sequences captured by vehicle on-board cameras (More information)
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Live Streaming using standard Web technologies (More information).
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Cloud computing for multimedia applications (More information).
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Design and development of an open source Web Crawler (investigating and implementing the main techniques of parallel and distribuited crawling techniques) able to index and extract information from the processed web pages (more information (in Italian)).
  • (ALREADY ASSIGNED) Creation of 3D synthetic video sequences by means of the “Blender” modeling software from freely available 3D models (more information (in Italian)).

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