Thesis: Enhancing videoconferencing software for the pandemic

The social distancing during and after the covid-19 pandemia is forcing people to frequently use video conferencing software for every task from meeting to teaching. However such platforms are still in their infancy and do not offer all the functionalities that we expect. For example, for the teaching scanrio: Zoom chat does not persist after the call for further reference for the students, Google Meet does not allow to send files to peers, etc.

In this context we are looking for master thesis student interested in improving the open source platform the Politecnico is using for virtual conferencing, i.e., BigBlueButton, adding more functionalities and usability improvements for teachers and students, e.g.:

  • the ability to separate in different windows the list of participants, the chat and the video,
  • the integration of the students photoid in the chat
  • the ability to select which webcam to receive and which not if the bandwidth is not sufficient

The activity can be carried out without being physically present on a day-to-day basis at the Politecnico. If interested, please submit your CV and statement of interest to:

Tags: multimedia, streaming, networking

Thesis type: applied research, software development

Additional references:


  • Knowledge of web, javascript and java programming
  • Familiarity with the Linux operative system and the GNU environment, ability to compile / modify software
  • [optional] Attended the ?Elaborazione e trasmissione di informazioni multimediali? (ETIM, Processing and Transmission of Multimedia Signals) or “Internet Streaming”